Understanding the place of Order in your Prayers


Ruach gists:
I was chatting with Ruach hakodesh some few moments ago and He told me. “a lot of people don’t get things right for themselves… Even in prayers because they are OUT OF ORDER! they bring the cart before the horse” .

There is always order in spiritual things, (this is one of the mysteries of praying in supernatural tongues, it aligns you to pray in order). First things first with God.

Are you living in purpose before asking for prosperity?
Are you living by faith before asking for provision?

there is always a requisite. And that’s why a lot of people have issues with their prayer life.
Learn to fuse yourself into the plan of God, not the other way round. Some people create their own plans and then command God to bless it. It shouldn’t be so. Work with and in God’s plans and He will bless you even without you asking because you are aligned in His will.
May the Lord give you understanding.

Yours in the Lord,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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