July- Month of harvest


With great joy I welcome you to a wonderful month. I am so excited about this month. The Lord has been telling me alot of things about this month and am so excited about this news.

This is a month of harvest.
Rejoice! Those who have been faithful with their seeds,
Rejoice! Those who have been patient and steadfast, it is time to be glad.
Look up, the clouds are filled with rain.
The seeds are blooming into a great harvest. It is time to be rewarded for your work and sacrifices.

Never again will you experience the days of lack and poverty.
Your light is come and your life sees increase.
Nations will hear of you.
People will come to you.
It’s time to enjoy the joy of harvest. And great shall your joy be.


You will be lead to the treasury, all your saving into spiritual growth and development has yielded massive interest!

The kings and Princes hear of you, now they can’t do without you. Your seat has now been placed with kings and Princes. Rejoice!

The grace of God now shines on you like never before. This is awesome.

Leave your enclosure! Leave the dungeon! Leave the seat of doubt and poverty!
Faith calls you, wealth welcomes you. The light of God embraces you.

Your popularity will begin to rise. This doesn’t mean you should stop working. But this is the harvest for the past seeds.

So mightily grew the word of God and it prevailed!

I see the ground wet with rain, even though the clouds are still thick with rain. There appears a sprout of the seed. And it grows and it still growing… The fruits appear and are still appearing…
So rejoice in the abundance of the Lord. Glory to the God of the harvest.

As good as this report is. It is only for those who have been faithful with sowing in the past. For those who haven’t given heed to the things of the Kingdom, it is not too late to start. The rains are still up. All you need is to use your seed and put them in the ground. Before you know it… It springs up and becomes great.

This is your month of harvest. Increase your capacity! Take up the largest basket, open your arms the broadest. The fruits are without number. There is more and more. All you need is to keep bringing containers to get the harvest.
Testimonies will be countless!

May you always walk in the faith of the Lord.

Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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