What your surrender entails.

Thy Kingdom come!
June 2013.
Harkheindzel Ministries.
Unleashing Soteria, Lambano Soteria.
Day 27 of 30.


Surrendering to God does not make you dumb, neither does it make you passive and useless. This just means that you give your all to God. This does not mean that he will do all things and you will just sit on the sofa watching your favour tv program all the time.


This surrender will require you to stand and act. So quit sitting and sleeping. There is a war we must fight. Not with guns or nuclear weapons… Not even with spiritual weapons(this is not for everyone) but in obedience to the word and the will of God.
So this means that you will still keep on doing your daily stuffs… But a new mindset has come to it. Instead of doing it the way it comes or the way you feel. You need to do it the *Kingdom way*!

This is what surrender really is. Cast all your cares on the Lord and do what he tells you to do, how he asks you to do and when he tells you do to it.


So are you ready to surrender to God? Let’s do this. We are here to show the world that we are different from the rest. We are the people of God and this needs to be seen in us… Not just on Sunday mornings but every day and Everytime. This is the course we must follow.

It is time to put things aside and follow the course of Christ for us. This is the plan, this is our purpose.
Let’s rise up and take charge! It’s time to lambano! Now!

May you always walk in the faith of the Lord.
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


4 thoughts on “What your surrender entails.

  1. yes agree with the write up.this is the time for the anointing of God to flow.The sons of God must show who they really are.

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