Kingdom investments – sowing seeds.

Faith works or starts from the realm of the unseen until it manifests in the seen Kingdom business starts with faith . Though most people identify when the results show up . but that’s not when the work started there has been time of darkness,smashed hopes,bleak futures,stern perseverance,loneliness,times when you are forsaken by the people you trust and depend on . But do not let that shift your gaze away from the prize that is before you therefore run so that you may obtain the price.
An Olympic winner doesn’t win the competition on his first try . There would have been times of tireless trainings and sore moments . But those moments fade away at the sight of the prize set before him.
It’s time to work people!real work!


You have just one life to live. Why waste it on things that won’t help you on the long run. Although we are at different phases of our lives. But the most important phase that tells how great you will be is the seed sowing phase. Though, the sowing of seeds never stop. But there are times you keep sowing even when there seems to be no results. Don’t stop sowing. Some seeds take years to harvest, some decades. While others will give results almost Instantly. So do not give up, do not give in, keep giving out the seeds.


Cast thy bread upon the waters. In many days… You will get it back. It’s coming back as a mighty harvest. Do not eat your seed, sow it!

A hungry man eats, but a wise man sows. Trade with heaven today by sowing seeds unto men and unto God. The harvest is coming sooner than you think…. Yet longer than you wish. But the harvest never fails as long as you plant on the fertile ground. And that is the ground of the business and works and men and people of God.

If you are not a sower… It’s never too late to start.

It is time to reap the harvest. What is in your hand? What do you have? It’s called a seed. Sow it to reap it.
Be it in time, work, talent, finances, service, helps, ministry, fellowship, teaching,… The list is countless. But in all things…. Keep sowing. Never stop.

Have a wonderful week ahead.
May you walk in the faith of the Lord.

Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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