Want to hear the truth?


I have heard a lot of times people blaming the israelites for been too adamant and rigid.

“with all God did for them? If I was alive during their time, I sure wouldn’t act like that”

At one time or the other, we have thought about this. Even people still blame Adam and Eve till date for their mistakes of predicaments.

Do you wanna hear the truth?

Most people are worse than them.

There is so much of grace now and still. People are acting so nonchalant. This is so sad.

I remember ministering somewhere some years ago. I was talking about the reality of the death of Jesus and why we should repent and turn to Him. There were wailing in tears that day that I thought these people have finally made it and will stick to it. But Ruach told me that most of them will forget they ever heard the message in two weeks.

I almost broke in tears because I was personally convicted with the message I preached.

What then is the problem?

The mind of man is a very complex composition.

There are lots of things that distract us everyday.

The only way to live this life is to constantly and consistently keep hearing the words and Doing them! (that’s the part a lot of us miss out)

The standards of Heaven hasn’t changed and will not change!

You need to flood your mind with the word so well that it’s all you do and it’s all you say. But sadly. People want in with the affairs of the world. All the things that will fade away and will not be remembered again.

The truth is this:

Not everyone will goto heaven,
Not everyone will get the reward they think they deserve,
Not everyone will reign with Jesus,
Not everyone will laugh at first…

We have heard over and over in the word what the requirements are.

No worker of sin will ever see the face of God.

It’s time to leave sin consciousness and become grace conscious, Jesus conscious and Heaven conscious.

The coming of the Son of man is soon.
Be ready!


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