Our Confession- Harkheindzel


7days of grace and opened doors.

Here is the confession for today.:

In the name of Jesus!
I awake to a wonderful day.
I am light, I shine,
I arise, to never fall,
Am victorious, I prosper,
I triumph, I impose,
I dominate, I subdue,
I rejoice, I laugh… Hahahaha….

I am unstoppable, I get all that I ask.
Because I believe…. I receive.
I walk with the glory of God.
All my needs are met!
My finances, relationship, future, jobs, marriage, spouse, academics, my house, my car, my ministry,…
I have all in Jesus name.

I am a blessing, I am called blessed,
I will not lack, I will not borrow.
Whatever is born of God overcomes the world.
I am an heir of the Father! .
Am a royal priesthood,a holy nation,a peculiar people,

I am a son of light,I don’t struggle to shine,
When I speak,I get response,
Lines fall to me in pleasant places.
Crooked ways are made straight before I get there,
So I walk in plain prepared road.

Nothing stops me, nothing shakes me, no impediment!

I fear no evil, I fear no darkness…. Why?
There is someone in me, He is greater than the world!
He is Immanuel… God with me.

No weapons fashioned against me prospers, cuz I have the mighty man of war with me, angels are round about me!

I am protected on all sides, all cardinals.

I am fully armed, the full armor of God is my fashion statement!

I am a man of excellence, of glory, of wisdom, of power, grace and wealth.

Glory to God!
I am saved, I am redeemed! And I Say So!

This day and this week,
I experience unfathomable favour,
Extravagant grace,
Joy overwhelming,
Peace saturating,
Tender love,
Blessings uncountable,
goodness uncomprehensible.

Everything turns to me for testimonies.
Thank you Jesus!

For it is in Jesus name I decree and declare!

#Harkheindzel ministries confessions#


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