Why you need to pray.


Prayer is speaking to God. But there is more to it. We are on earth to dominate but we have an adversary who make things so tough for us… Metaphorically taking us through hell. Well am not flabbergasted because I know he is doomed for hell itself.
Whether you know it or now, the devil is interested in how you pray. The moment you decide to pray, the accuser gets goose bumps, he starts to fret, he becomes uneasy. Because he knows that’s the only way to overcome him.

*when we speak, confess, declare and mandate God’s word*

But he has a mission to make sure that we don’t pray right. Imagine a believer ranting and shouting at the top of his prayers(thinking he is praying) and the devil is beside him sipping a hot cup of coffee… Not moving a bit. And another situation where another believer is on her knees whispering softly almost quietly but the whole of hell is in cacophony and pain.

It’s not your amplitude or posture that makes your prayers effective. It’s how you pray. And this is what we need to know in this endtime because our prayers really matter and are needed.

You must believe in what you say and have a solid foundation and trust in the word of God. So the way you speak will be with confidence and conviction.

There is so much more to say on praying and praying right but I don’t have all day and I don’t like lengthy post. So I may end with this for now.

How would you act if you knew fire was harmless? You walk straight into it.

If you are so certain you cannot die.. Then you won’t fear anything.

When you know who is knocking at the door.. You don’t need to peek through the hole again.

When you trust the counsel of a trusted friend… You don’t think of contingency plans.

When you know that God’s word never fails and He has given us all we need… You go straight to Him and ask for it.

Keep your faith, trust in the Lord blindly!

Always remember, the devil is afraid when you are about to pray. And no demon can come close to a believer when we are praying… I wonder then why we can’t live the whole of our lives for prayer.

Here are my final words…

may you walk in the faith of the Lord.
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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