A day couldn’t be any more special.


Well to all those who don’t know yet, today is my birthday. It’s a very special day to me. Well, quite a lot of people are already sending in their wishes and prayers. To all those who have, are, and are still going to send messages and gifts. I say a big thank you.

Well the number of people I have been able to influence has given me so much joy. Though I k ow it never ends. I must keep doing what my Father has sent me to do.
But to shock you guys, am not throwing a party. Am just gonna do some few things. I even have an appointment in the heavenlies today. So its gonna be work work and work. But for those who are kind to drop gifts and all. I say a big GOD BLESS YOU. and to all my spiritual children and those I mentor. This is a challenge to you. Make sure your life is lived to impact and Impart greatness into people.

And to the most Important!
I await the best gift from God today.
Let me rest my pen here. I say thanks to all once again.

Yeah,, lest I forget, appreciation goes to all Harkheindzel Ministries team and Kaysilver Christian Academy team.
I love you all.

Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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