Day 21 prophesy.

Today marks the end of the 21days journey with God. And it has been awesome. Here is the word for all… Lambano!


” Day 21,
21days journey with God.
Prophetic word:
Hahahaha….. I laugh. I laugh before the battle because of what I see… I see power, I see grace, I see victory and triumph.

No fears, people of God. No fears. It is now upon us. It’s time to take the victory again. All power has been given to us in the name of Jesus, who has overcome all on our behalf.
It’s time to step into the grace, Into the victory. Glory to God.

Hahahaha… I laugh because the devil is under our feet, and with us around, he will look soo stupid, useless and powerless. Hahahaha…

However, there is a call to join the supernatural army, those who will enforce this victory for the people of God. We have the torch with us. We are going to show the light, show the way and lead people to the life of abundance Christ has made for us all.

So let the soldiers take their ranks,

let the watchmen stand by the wall,

let the intercessor man their grounds…

This is the time to unleash soteria once again…..

Lambano…. Lambano.. I say again, Lambano…. All things are yours. Hahahaha… Glory to God. Papi has set it all in place for us. Let’s March into that victory… But we have to stay together on this… This is an exodus out of misery to glory…

Hahahaha… Somebody shout gllloooorrrrrryyyyyyyy!!!!! ”



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