Jesus, our ultimate example

Learn from the life of Jesus. What does he use prayers for? It’s quite scarce to see Jesus pray outside. Some disciples who aren’t so close to Jesus may have never seen or heard him pray before. Whenever He goes out to pray. He does it alone, he secluded himself to be with the Father to commune in prayer. The only thing we see him do outside is to speak with authority and to praise and bless God.
This is the supernatural life.
However this doesn’t mean that we should not pray. It actually means we should do our assignment of prayer very well. The prayers of the closet are so important to our ministry and it’s something we should not joke with.


Jesus is the ultimate example. We should be imitators of Christ.

Don’t joke with the place of prayer. Jesus prays everyday. This is the foundation of his ministry. Thus earth is a battleground. So we must fight it.

Jesus has however fought and won the battle for us. But we need to keep taking charge and dominating.

Fellowship daily with the Father in spirit and let nothing rob you of that time with God. This is the seat of wisdom, power and revelation.

If you are not a worshiper, praiser and a praying believer. You may live a life of greater struggles.

However, this is the victory that overcomes the world…. Even our faith,

May you walk in the faith of the Lord.

Harkheindzel Kenny.


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