Parable of the sower and seeds

Parable of the sower and seeds:
How do you know someone that’s a sower? It’s with the seeds in his hands. Somerset and seeds are inseparable.

The job of the sower according to mark 4, as he sowed…. Some fell by the way side. Not this…. He was not the one that intentionally put the seeds there. His job is just to sow. Not minding anything else but the put out the seeds in his hands.

Attention immediately left the sower and moved to the seeds. Those who fell on the stony ground almost I stantly sprang up. All is not always what it seems. Every one needs the test of time to prove them. The ones on the stony grounds sprang up but did not last.

Those who fell among thorns were not talked about again, interest left them and went to the thorns because they were in the wrong company. It was chocked and couldn’t flourish.

But those who fell on good ground sprang up and did well. But the results were not the same though they had the same sower, seeds and ground.

Your personality and actions determine your growth capacity.

Let your temperament be those of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

May you walk in the faith of the Lord.


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