Left behind?

I have written this not because of now,but because of later . But before I talk about those that might be left behind . let’s talk about those who can see and read this blog.the Lord impressed upon me to write this blog and this is my way of obeying Father.
It has been said many times that Jesus is coming back, this is the reason I believe it without a doubt . its not because Paul said it or because Peter said it nor because an angel said it . but I believe it so strongly because Jesus said it.

This post will be so short but what is in it is just guided ethics for all.

To the Christians,

We all have Bibles,however,we will not be taking these Bibles with us to heaven and this is the first thing the world will look for immediately


after the rapture. So always have a Bible in your homes, put them in conspicuous places where people can easily see them. Maybe in your sitting room. Or on a table in your bedroom. Besides your personal Bible. Get a spare Bible, bought just for this cause. Without knowing it, you are helping a lot of unraptured people. Those highlight and notings will prove important to find important verses that ministered to you. This will help those that are left behind.

To the left behind,
The hour has come where you are faced with the truth of the rapture of Jesus. Although you might have missed it, but if you haven’t gotten or accepted the Mark of the beast… There is still hope for you. There will be tough times as you can already see. There is only one thing that can save you. And this is the Jesus you missed. Get that Bible and read it up. Most especially the new testament. As you may know, you don’t have much time to sleep as the night is no more a time of sleep but a time of vigilance (seems there isn’t even any difference between the day and night anymore).
It may be hard to pay with your own blood this time, but this is the last chance you have. So you need to be strengthened and bold to the end. Do not give up, do not give in. Think of the untold glory to experience in heaven. Let that be your hope. To reign with Jesus and escape the damnation in hell. Think about this and be of good cheer.
You will soon be with us in paradise.

Harkheindzel Kenny.
(be strong and be ready, you will be accepted into the very arms of Jesus if you hang on to this)


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