The ten virgins

Matt 25. The story of the virgins.
Notice what they had in common.
They were all virgins, consecrated, pure and untouched. Verse 1
They all had lamps.
They all were in wait for the groom.
They all slumbered and slept while they waited. Verse 5
They all heard the midnight cry. Verse 6
They all woke up when they heard the cry.Verse 7

But where they(the 5 foolish ones) missed it was something they should have done without stress in the beginning… Getting oil for their lamps.
They left for oil at the most important time to keep waiting and they lost their chance at the feast.

The groom only comes for READY people. Readiness come with the wisdom of planning and making preparation for a time to wait and persevere.


2 thoughts on “The ten virgins

  1. That is one of the greatest problems of The Church of Christ in these Last Days – ,
    … Misplaced Priorities.
    … Lost Focus
    … Disunity
    … Lost Love – Loss of Our Fisrt Works
    … Division – Divided Visions

    Help us Jesus – The Husband to The Bride. Help us Saviour.

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