Give your life to Jesus.

I am sure you must have heard this clause over and over again that the true meaning of this word might have been eroded away.

What does this mean?

Give your life to Jesus!

It means we should surrender all… And I mean all to Jesus. A lot of people walk about thinking that have given their lives to Jesus. Most people are just professing this.. They don’t live it.

Giving your life to Jesus means you are no more YOU. GALATIANS 2:20.
This is one of my favourite scriptures…

I have been crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live. But the life I live is by faith in Jesus who dies for me and gave himself for me. (my way of saying it).

If you lie, you haven’t given your life to Jesus. It means you put your pride and security over Jesus.

If you steal., you haven’t given your life. You don’t trust him for provision and providence.

If you defile your flesh, you haven’t given your life. You have quickly his work and victorious redemption of the cross.

If you fear death, you haven’t given your life, you still hold your hands in your hands and don’t believe Jesus can really save you.

… If I continue,, there are always things we hold on to. And also these means we have not truly given your life to Jesus.

So when next you are asked that question…

Have you given your life to Jesus?

Think again before saying Yes!

So I say once again…

Put all things aside, all fears, trials, death, pride, material,… Everything aside and hand over your life to Jesus.

There is no better person that you can be sure to guard it for you other than Jesus.

Spread the word! Spread the knowledge!

Give your life to Jesus!

It’s so simple. One thing he needs from you is called #everything. #your all.

Harkheindzel Kenny.


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