A mighty one we serve. Our Lord is good and great. Hosannah means “save us now, we beseech you”. It’s a cry of the acknowledge of our current situation and the fact that we need saving from Jesus. But before this happened, something funny happened.

The death of the son of God has been plotted centuries before his coming. Satan seemed to have done a good job, fool proof and quite confident of his plans. When the plan was finally carried out and he saw Jesus nailed to the cross. He had an evil grin and croaky chuckle. When Jesus gave up the ghost. All heaven and earth stood still, he’ll rose in joy and fanfare of victory. For the first time in he’ll, there was a party, for the first time in hades, there was celebration.

But beyond the loud modulated yell of celebration in he’ll, there was the latent cry of the saints weeping Hosannah…. Lord save us… Even though they could not be heard, they continued and kept at it until something suddenly happened.

I love that word suddenly…..


from a far corner, a light was seen and the party in hell was interrupted for the King of glory was coming,
The one who did not die
The one who could not be silent
The one who couldn’t be held down by the grave
The one whom death couldn’t conquer…
The mighty one has risen….!!!!

The jaws of the devil and his host were left wide opened for times as they could not believe what happened.

At that time, the sound of joy of the saints was heard clearly for the first time in he’ll as they saw and beheld their King and master.

The call of Hosannah came to the rescue. The Lord that saves…. Glory to his name.

He conquered the whole of he’ll and triumphed over all, he rose up to glory with the spoils of the souls of the saints. What a glorious day it was.

Don’t fret. The day is coming again when the Lord who never died will be seen again with his glory and the world will see yet again….

… And the King of glory shall come in…

This is the story to evangelize.

Only true worshippers will feel the anointing in these words.

Harkheindzel Kenny.


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