Laughing in the spirit.

Generally, laughing is an emotional overflow from the soul. It shows some level of joy and happiness. Ruach revealed something to me about laughing In spirit.
There are a lot of things that we do not know about, actually, there are some things we just can’t know about. A lot of the battles fought on behalf of believers are without our knowledge. If we personally fight every spiritual battle that comes our way… Then there will be nothing known as sleep I am the life of a believer.

When the angel told Sarah that she would give birth, she laughed. What really happened was this…
The moment the angel gave that proclamation, her barrenness was over, but she did not know.

Just in the same way, a lot of Victories have been ours, but we just don’t know. I was at a gathering yesternight and I will say what the Holy Spirit I spired me to say there.

What you see before you is no more a pro lem, the devil is a master of illusions and delusions. The final act of victory is for you to see the image of the problem the devil has put before you and laugh at it. A miracle is gonna happen.. The image will come crumbling down.

I am bold to declare to someone today. Look and picture what seems like a problem before you and just laugh I the holy ghost…
Hahahha he he he he hohohoho huhuhuhu… Laugh at it….
Laughing is a sign of victory. So laugh…..!

I say laaauugggghhhhh….!!!

Harkheindzel Kenny.


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