Give and it will be given back to you. This is a popular Scripture for giving, however, there are some things I would want to point out on giving. There are a lot of things people don’t get about giving..

You will only get in proportion to to what you have give. So cannot live in full prosperity if you are not a cheerful giver. You don’t have to give because someone told you to. Instead, give because it feels good to give and you enjoy giving.
We need to be matured in the word. God is no respecter of persons, however, He has principles. And this is what you need to understand.

There are some things you will never experience if you do not give. This is a sour truth.

And when you are giving, give in faith, with joy. Don’t give with calculations.

Everything we have is given to us, so in a way we are not the owners. We are just stewards managing it. So this means we will give account of all we own and how we used them.

Learn to give to men of God, to ministries, to the cause of the gospel.

Lastly, all we have are seeds. So what do you do with the seed you are given? Do you sow them, r you eat them?

Let us not be weary of well doing. At the appointed times, at the due season if we waver not or grow faint, we will get the reward of that service.

Move with the giving mentality. Look at the life of Jesus and follow his example.

Harkheindzel Kenny.


3 thoughts on “Giving.

  1. Smiles, I understand this. Sometimes we just forget. Well, that’s y we have churches, we need to be reminded constantly. Thanks hark.

    • What I mean by giving with calculations is this… Some people have this attitude of giving to get certain things, so instead of being a commandment they render with joy, it becomes a formula to them.

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