Your prayer life.

What your prayer life is tells a lot about your spiritual growth, development and level. This is why you need to take serious what your prayer says about you.
What prompts you to pray. Is it a problem, an incident, a demon, near death experience or because someone told you to do it.

Prayer, is a tool of communion with God. And it is intended for this purpose. It’s a talk… With divinity.

How often do you pray. Calculate the time you use to pray and the time you use to sleep and see what your priority really is.
Take time to commune with God on a daily basis. I would have said time to pray but a lot of people have a misconception about pray that’s why I said commune.

The devil doesn’t sleep. But a Christian who has done his homework well can sleep. Sleep in the sense of rest and peace and not idleness and ignorance. When you have talked to God before he goes to rest, then you are sure you are in good hands.
Finally, before I drop my pen. The charge of the Lord for us this year is to dominate and take charge and you cannot do that well without prayers. I will still talk about prayer more but this is just a start. It is so important. You need to work hard to inculcate a good prayer life.

Try to work on this.

Harkheindzel Kenny o


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