Being unique, serving purpose.

Let me tell you something about the water closet. You wonder why it is made of ceramic. I kind of wonder why it is not made of wood or iron or plastic or glass or something else like that. Well it all comes to how it serves purpose.
If it were made of wood, it woud not have the needed resistance to friction as needed and wood could favour the growth of micro organisms better even though wood could be strong
Iron is a very strong material but when it comes to constantly use of water it becomes disqualified.
Glass could be an aesthetic material but it’s not strong enough though it has the needed resistance to friction.
Plastic do not have the needed reaction and durability. Reaction in this vice means ability to support weight for long.
But here comes ceramic and it t perfect to meet all the needed conditions for the needs of the closet.

Just in the same way, you have been made purposely for ur calling. You are a unique material in your field. You have been put where you are, born where you are, have the needed stature.. Height, weight, color, intonation, etc. Now what you need to do is to know your purpose as doing the wrong thing would not be good for you and may not let you last for long.

Take a time to ask God to reveal your unique purpose to you. For that is where you can find true happiness and satisfaction.
Be blessed

Harkheindzel Kenny.


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