To grow up spiritually, grow consistently.

Spiritual growth is a gradual thing. Just you cannot wi a war without preparing for it. The same way it works for spiritual growth. The thing as you grow, the devil knows you and marks you as a special candidate. So in your best interest to you need to keep up with the needed level and time of prayers. Else you will be doing yourself some evil in the process. So as we grow, we need to put childish things aside and face things as men in Christ. This is where the consistency comes in. You need to consistently level a holy life and have a record of this in heaven. This post is going to be short because there is just one message I want to pass across. You need to be consistent in well doing to grow well spiritually. Be consistent in prayers, in giving, in service and fellowship. This is what we need this year. Shalom. Harkheindzel Kenny.


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