We all need the test of faith.

It is so easy to profess that you are a macho man. But what happens when you are faced with situations that require that macho side to show up. That is when we believe you are what you claim to be. The same thing happens with faith. It’s so easy to read the Bible and to believe eve that you can go through what Abraham went through, or to believe that you could defeat a goliath tht scared the whole army of Israel, or just like Gideon that you can stand and fight against the bad doctrines and customs in your family. The truth is this… It is easier said than done.

Now the test of faith comes to prove if you really have the stomach to do what you assume you can do. It’s just lie someone who is confessing the word against a situation but when faced with that situation, he pees in his pants stead. This is a truth we must hear. Trials are necessary and tests are inevitable. Before every glory there mut be a trial. Even Jesus wasn’t exempted from this.

What you need to pray for is the grace to hold on and to do what you really want to do with God. That is what can help you stand in the face of adversity.

The reason this word is coming is because the days of trials of faith are, upon us. Those who don’t make it will be among those who would fall away from the faith. He who endures to the end shall be saved. Shalom.

Harkheindzel Kenny.


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