The word is all you need

Tracing all things back to the beginning…it all began with the God of the word who spoke the word and called all things to being. He has given us the same mandate.

Everything we need to do has to do with the word, not just the knowledge of the word alone but speaking of the word. The bible says #go into the world and preach the gospel. How will you preach the gospel without spesaking out?
How will you commant healing to your body without speaking
How will you confess prosperity into your life without the word
Ow will you attach te devil without the word
How can you stand and shine as the light you are without the word
How can you communicate effectively without the use of words
How can you make use of authority without the word…

There are countless things that points to the essence and importance of the word. This is what should set us apart from the world….the word in us. This is what we develop when we read the bible, when we pray and seek the Lord. We want to hear His word for us.

This is also what the devil wants to get out of us…he knows the power of the word and what it can accomplish….

Imagine this!
When the Lord judged the devil, He didn’t do it by force but but the utterance of the word…his judgement. That is who God is…He is the speaking Godand He wants you to understand the full importance of this.

So start speaking the worde..meditate on it and keep speaking it into your life and situations and you will see things turn surely for you.

Keep the faith and sharpen the sword.

Harkheindzel kennu O


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