Become acquinted with the groom

The bible explicitely tells us that Jesus is the bride and we (the church) are the bride.

But its funny how soon we forget what the relationship between the bride and the groom ought to be like. Its a kind or relationship where we should be united in spirit and mind. Being one altogether with christ. But most of the time, we do not remember to cultivate or nurse this desired kinda relationship.

With this, we ought to learn to get as close as possible to the groom and know what his plans are. What he has in mind for the great wedding he is arranging. This should be what we are engrossed with. But imagine a bride that seems not to be interested in the wedding plans.

Even normally, its the bride thats always so enthusiastic and engrossed with wedding plans, what to wear, who to invite, what to eat, the venue, the time and stuffs like that.

This is a call to rememberance, lets go back to that eagerness and watchfulness for the preparation of the wedding feast thats coming up. Dont get far away from the groom.

Jesus is calling, he is knocking! How many can hear.

Harkheindzel ministries


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