its your turn!

how many people who were really powerful instruments in the hand of God did you see have it easy?
abraham was tried with his only beloved heir
gideon was tested with absolute dependence on God with just 300 soldiers
moses has to fight his fears and excuses to become a mighty man of God
daniel looked death in the face upon his sentence to the lions den
hananiah,mishael and azariah decided that to die for God is gain…and a miracle happened in the furnace
deborah lead a nation to victory
peter defied science by deciding to meet Jesus while walking on water
noah spent years building an ark for a rain that has never been heard of before….

i can continue to give list of peoople who took riske for the sake of God and they were rewarded for it.

its your turn!
your name is being read….
what is going to be your experience, triumph and testimony….
heaven is waiting,
the world is waiting,
God is waiting…

its your time!


harkheindzel ministries


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