The secret life of a believer. -the closet

There is a classified file all believers must have locked up in the most secret place of their spiritual life. This place is called the closet. Every great believer has one. Its an indispensable place of utility.

Jesus himself had one. At night he would withdraw from the crowd and find for himself a closet(secret place) where he could pray.

In addition to this, the closet is a place for us to sharpen our gifts, there are somethings i want to share about the closet.

Its a place of power,
its an altar,
its a place to commune with divinity,
its a place to polish and mature our spiritual fifts.

Since its a secret place, its a place that we shouldnt be scared to make mistakes, because its a place for us to grow and learn perfection and use of our spiritual gifts, a good example of these include, prophesy, tongues, interpretation etc.

So every believer who doesnt have a closet, needs to get one as soon as possible. Its a place where some people call the “quiet time place”, but its more than just quiet place, its a place os strategy and rigirous training and development. How effective you use this place determinds how much of glory you show for the Lord in the outside.

I will rest my pen here.


Harkheindzel kenny.


One thought on “The secret life of a believer. -the closet

  1. i love the post. And the understanding of how to make use of this secret place to potentiate that which is within us cannot be over emphasized. Great one harkheindzel!

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