Welcome to 2013!

Its so great to be in the new year! We are in for alot of activities and events. But the Lord has given us a charge this year…

This is our year to “DOMINATE AND TAKE CHARGE”

we need much fire in us to purge the world of its sin and wickedness. Its going to be a war with fire…Revelation 13:13.

But we have a greater ‘Fire’…we have the guide of the consuming fire with us….”immanuel”.

Theres going to be some series of huge natural disasters, but we have the power as children of God to bring them to the bearest minimum..thats why we have to take charge!

No eveil will come near us because we bear the mark of Christ and we are of the blood and nature of God.

So let us walk this year with confidence and authority in the provision and the charge of the word of God for us.

harkheindzel kenny.


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