One voice to God, 2013. Behold a sign in the heavens.

A very long title you may say! But there is a reason for everything. This is probably the last message on harkheindzel ministries site till the new year!

Today is the day of the event “one voice to God, 2013”.

Here is wisdom. I want you to think about it. Why is something titled 2013 and it dates back 2012?

The reason is this. We are marching into the future even from the present, and the reason for this is to destroy all….*somebody say ALL!*… All the works and plans of the devil for the coming year. As this year has been prophesied as the year TO DOMINATE AND TO TAKE CHARGE. We will start before the beginning to settle all!

This reminds me of Genesis 1:1. This is just before the beginning. We as children of the sole Creator of all things are going to Create! And dominate! And take charge! Of things.

So if you are ready to do this with us, lets key into this together and lift up our voices to heaven today. Dec 31st 2012. Start right now! And spread the word to every believer you know. Its going to resonate round the whole earth and the heavens are going to feel the prayer and praise and the power of the saints!

It is time to dominate and to take charge.

Happy new year to you from all of us at Harkheindzel ministries.

God loves you!


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