Mirror evangelism

Greetings to everyone. Happy new year in advance. The year 2012 is almost over, 2012 was our year of the miraculous…well, we have greater feats in the coming year.

2013 is our year to dominate and take charge.

“i have given you authority to trample on scorpions and serpents, and to overcome(overpower, subdue, conquer) all the power of the enemy. And nothing (in its slightest) will hurt you.”

thats the scripture for us this year at the “harkheindzel ministries”.

Now to the revelation of the time.

I went for a pastors and ministers retreat today(it actually ended today). And during the time spent with God in teaching and praying and being in spiritual fellowship. Ruach began to teach me a many things.

I will teach one of then now.

This has to do with how to evangelism with a mirror. All you need to take to an unbeliever is to show him a mirror. Now what is the use of this mirror? Its so simple. Its to show the image of the person looking into it.

What an unbeliever sees on the mirror is an end of eternal damnation and destruction…and thats enough to make anyone afraid. And this is the way for them to escape that horrible future of those who dont believe….

You show them your reflection!

What they should see in the mirror of your image is eternal joy and peace in heaven. This is because as a believer, you have been transformed to the image of the Son and as a result…an image of the Father!

This means that the witness or the evangelist must make sure that he is right before the Lord before he can point the way to another person.

Its so simple. The mirror is the “word of God”. The promises of God and the future we have in God!

So next time you wanna go evangelise. Look at yourself in the mirror of the word:

God bless you all.

harkheindzel kenny omiyale.


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