The giving faith!

When you mention the word faith, alot of things run through the mind of people. However, i want us to look deeply at the meaning of the scripture of hebrews 11:1

“now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”

there is a misconception about the term “hoped for”. This is not always about the receiving end of it. Faith really makes more sense when is comes from the giving end.

The holy spirit was telling me some hours ago about this post and he was explaining somethings to me.

If you only make your faith the receiving type, them you are not maximizing your faith.

The giving faith is that umbrella that bring everything to you. So if you really want to receive something…that is the best time for you to give!

Notice that the bible lays more emphasis on giving than in receiving… Such is the same mind that should be used with faith. Jesus gave his life and he received everything…all authority and power, all victory and triumph, all honour and glory, all might and wisdom…everything in everything…

Learn from this! Learn from Jesus.

The truth about the matter is that…if you use the faith to give…you will also recieve! Thats just how it works.

This is a mystery revealed to you today. And insight to live right and do things the God way.

Unleashing soteria, lambano soteria.


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