Happy Christmas

From all of us at “Harkheindzel ministries”, we use this medium to say happy christmas to all our followers, subscribers, partners, friends, families, pastors, churches, contributors, ministers, aids, everyone that checked our posts, made a comment, read a post, liked a post. You are the one that keeps us going and we would love to appreciate you.

Christmas is by far the busiest day of the year, i can feel the joy in the atmosphere already!

Its charged up with grace, benefits and love. The kind of love that brings healing, comfort, deliverance, hapiness, joy, peace, the Love of God in Christ.

As we mark today’s christmas, let us remember those who are in need. Do what Jesus would do. Show love to all.

As for me(harkheindzel kenny), i will be visiting the motherless babies today with some friends and ministries, them later enjoy with my family and friends later in the day.

What are you doing differently this christmas?

Even though December 25 isnt the birthday of Jesus, its the day we all chose to celebrate his birth! And He is happy about that.

Finally, dont wanna waste time, take time to say:

Happy christmas Father.
Happy christmas Son.
Happy christmas Holy Spirit.

From all of us at harkheindzel ministries….

We love you and have a happy christmas.

harkheindzel kenny.


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