ignorance is the problem most believers have!

why are we called believers if there is nothing to believe and hold on to?

the word of God is the basis of all we should stand on and believe in….with the word of God…i mean the spoken and the written word of God!

ignorance is the worst killer that i know of. if you know what you have…you will not be afraid.

can anyone who know he has the light be scared of the dark.
can anyone who knows that he has the richest dad be afraid of poverty,

can anyone who knows that he is in the linage and a descendant of immortal creation be afraid of death,

can anyone who has christ be afraid of the devil?

can anyone who knows that he has God be afraid of anything….anything?

our problem lies on the things that we do not know that we know, have and possess…

these are the little i was inspired by the Lord to write. go deep into the search of the knowledge of the Lord….there are new things Ruach is dying to reveal to you daily…only if you will spend some time with him.

He is waiting for you.

harkheindzel ministries


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