it is possible!

man has such a myopic mind space. even with the whole technological advancements…we are still far behind. (take it or leave it!). there is this great expectation for us…that is expected of us…whether we are aware of it or not!

antways…thats why harkheindzel ministries is here for you. to make you know and understand what you must, at the time you must, and how to go about what you must! (hope you all get it?)

yes! to the crux of the matter, as i was praying this morning and worshipping the name of the Lord. the holy spirit spoke to me…very distinct and clearly….

as at that time, i was thinking about how i can reachout to the whole world about the “one voice to God 2013” that is coming up on the 31st of december 2012 and seeing how slow and lethargic the pace is going…i was about giving up when Ruach hakodesh spoke to me.

and he said:

“kenny, do you know that its possible for every believer on the planet to know about the event that is being hosted? even if not everyone on facebook sees it, or follows it, or join it.everyone can eventually do what needs to be done as regards the event in question…

it is possible…”

with this word, my faith shot up dynamically! and i started speaking in faith of the possibility of things that men would really see as

come to think of it!

every believer knows the verse in the bible that says “with men it may be possiblr, but with God all things are possible!”

but we still do not understand the reality of that word! that God can really really verily do anything!

and the last one that shook me was when i heard the height of it!

you wanna hear it?

well this is it…

Do you know that everyone can make heaven? as silly as that may sound….its possible! why? because there is provision for everyone in Heaven.

and nothing is impossible with God.

so as you go about your days today…go with the reality of the word of God!

all things are possible with God. He can do anything for those He Loves. and the most beautiful and most romantic truth in the whole of the heavens and the earth is this….


harkheindzel ministries


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