One voice to God. 2013

As i was praying this morning, the Lord told me something that led to me creating this event on facebook. (yes, its on facebook, just search for it, join in, and invite all your friends). You can see it on my profile (for those that are friends with me on the social network).

Yeah, as i was saying, this is an event that is to hold on the eve of the new year, that is December 31st. There is no time per se for the prayer, its supposed to hold for the whole day.

The Holy Spirit asked me;

“Kenny, imagine how great it would be if all believers on the face of the globe could agree and say a prayer for just one minute, if u calculate how many minutes all together, its going to be a great shaking of the heavens and the earth to Provoke the Father to intervene”.

Thats what led to this post.

All believers should please spread the world in their churches and environs. The beautiful thing about it is that, there woul be people whos spirits will bear witness to this event.

So lets all join in! And lets pray together for peace in the land and the destruction of the works and plans of the devil, and for the safety of all believers in the year to come.

2013 is gonna be a great year!


3 thoughts on “One voice to God. 2013

    • one church, one fold, one faith. Standing with one voice to destroy all the work of the devil…all at one. Thats gotta be a hard punch. Nike, help spread the word!

  1. well, its not a bad idea, but we need help from people to help propagate this news round the globe before 31st of december.

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