know this! God is Lord over all. even your plans.

this is a revelation and insight the holy spirit revealed to me a long time ago and i would love to share it with anyone that will choose to learn and listen:

God isnt dumb, neither is He a fool…and there is nothing like tricking God or being smart for Him. its in Him we live move and have our being.

if the Lord promised you that you will prosper in two weeks time, or if there comes a sure prophesy that in the next 3days something good is coming your way. or the Lord shows you a vision or calls you to buuild a church in the next 2years… matter what the plan is or no matter what word you hear….it doesnt mean that the rapture cant come today.

the rapture is a pause to all events for the greater event to be manifested. just because you pause a movie does not mean thats where it ends. so be aware of this.

he who has ears…let him hear.


harkheindzel ministries


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