what do you see in 2013?


well, its going to be a year full of events and happenings just like 2012…if not more. but care needs to be taken as to what you see in the coming year! and this is to people who havent started to make efforts to see what the year has in store, now is the time to do so. like i always say, do not work with fate, do not be a slave of time and chance! you are sons of God! you are to make things be!

entering the new year with a right mind is as important as entering the new year alive. because the kinda mind you enter in with can determine how good or how bad the year goes for you.

so christians, how should we see the year?

even when the world sees gloom and heightened disasters, we are to see joy and provision. remember, the happenings in egypt did not affect the hebrews that much, when there was darkness in egypt, there was light in goshen for the hebrews. you may be in the world, but you are not of the world. this means you should not permit what happens to those in the world to happen to you. you are of a different brees. a royal priesthood, a holy nation…a peculiar people, dear to God and precious to the Son.

therefore. what you need to see this year is the joy that is in store for those who faithfully serve the Lord.

even though the world may experience some peril…but there is always reward of glory to those who always conquer.

with God, we are more than victors! thats the mind you should walk with this coming year.

do not be a slave of time. be deep in prayers and seek what the Lord has for the coming year so that you can be prepared.

he that has ears….let him hear…

so expect the best of times in the coming year.

be prepared, remain blameless and spotless, remain faithful and true. Maranatha!


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