thinking is allowed.

God has called us to live a supernatural life. but some tend to take this grace to the exttreme sometimes. everything God has given us is to be used. nothing is to be idle.

there is a way to pray and there is the place of action. the mistake most people make is…after praying…they become idle again. they wait for the answer to appear in a puff of smoke.

Jesus is not a magician!

we have been given our minds to think. and think, we must!

all through my years of ministry, when it comes to the baptism of the holy spirit. after people pray for it, they just keep loooking at me like their answer is in my hands. if you pray for the baptism of the holy spirit with the evidence of tongues, you have to make the move in faith to open your mouth and speak! thats how it works…though not everytime. sometimes, some people unconsciously start speaking in tongues, but it doesnt work like that for everyone. so let us learn to make use of what we have been given with faith! thats how to live the supernatural life!

so when our prayers involve provision, change or innovation, we have to take a step…that is when the Lord will meet with us before we finish the step.

this is a word for someone today! you have said that prayer…now make the step in faith. you will be surprised that your answers have been waiting for you since…waiting for you to make the move.



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