renew your mind.

let your minds become like that of christ. keep it active in the right things and dont let it become idle for a moment. for an idle mind is the devil’s house.

the way you think determines alot about yourself and your spiritual growth. when faith becomes a thinking standard, all other things become easy. but if your thinking standard is science, facts and philosophies…the that is the beginning of your problems.

Jesus is holy, powerfel and always compassionate. he was always moved with compassion towards the people. an important thing i want to point out about our mindset is as follow:

when Jesus healed the leprous man. he layed hands on him…which is something no man would have done because its a contageous disease. but this is the understanding of the mind of christ that i want to pass across to you today. he was holy…as a matter of fact…he is still holy. so he was not afraid that he would be corrupted with the plague of the disease…but fear should strike the disease that it ia about to be made pure. light is not always afraid of the dark. it should be the other way round. and this is the confidence that we should have in christ. we are not to be afraid…instead, the world and the things of darkness should be the ones to be afraid of us. because we are moving to conquer darkness and its work with the light and the power in the name of Jesus.

this should be our faith and boldness. our confidence and trust. that we shall not be harmed. all we need to do is to move with this mind of christ.

we are going to heal the world of its corruption and darkness. thats the divine order!

may the grace of the good alord be with us all.

harkheindzel kenny omiyale.


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