make Yahweh your way

quite an asonance the topic suggests. but in all the euphoria and all that the topic emits. let us take a little time to know whats within the space.

there is a road set before us! so straight, even though may not be as smooth as the world suggests, but its so rewarding and glorious. there is a path ahead of us. we need to make the choice to take on this road and follow the path of the master.

no man who backslides from this road blames God. why? because we can see visible the footholes we must follow so as not to be unharmed. Jesus has already paved the way for us and they are so clear. but some people seem to be smarter in their own eyes and make decisions without consulting the Lord.

there is a way that seems right to a man…but the end of it is destruction!

Jesus has set a way before us…He is the way, the truth and the life. that is the simple logic! follow him, then you will get it all right. follow your mind, yourself and you are on your own!

the way of the Lord is the word of God. the mistake peoople make is they see the bible as a story book. No! its not. its a power book. its the book to life…its the book to the book of life.

everything is well spelt out for you. made so easy, so effortless and so straight! but you need to make a choice. and the best time to do that is now!

look at the bible once again…dont just see it as a big book with stories….look at is a a channel through God wants to speak to you. and he is waiting for you to oven and drift open the pages of the book! take it now! live it, say it and believe it!



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