Understanding the book of revelations

Before a new heaven and a new earth can come, our earth must become uninhabitable. Take heed of this. Dark times are coming. But the elect, the true believers will conquer and overcome.

Note this, before the israelites were allowed to finally leave egypt, there was plagues and alot of gloom. Before the light will finally come, there must be darkness. The book of revelations is a book some people run away from. This is actually a book we should embrace and learn from to fully understand the thinggs that are to come.

Understand the letters to the seven churches. Ephesians were the most qualified church, even in this; they had become so engrossed with the work of God that they were starting to forget the God of thr work. Every church had something against them. There was one church the Lord was still knocking at the door beckoning for them to open the door. Look at your church, where do you fall in this cartegory?

Are you interested in canal things? Secular things, prosperity, finances, health alone? That you forget what the church was really established for…

Jesus taught his disciples the way to the kingdom of heaven and living a righteous life. He showed them various exampled when you have to choose the things of God above all others.

The trial by fore is coming. Will the church come out unhurt? Jesus isnt coming for a denomination…but for a CHURCH.

To be continued…
harkheindzel ministries.


2 thoughts on “Understanding the book of revelations

  1. Obviously we are in the end time. All signs of the end time have been fulfilled. It is high time for the church of christ to be ready for rapture.

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