Break forth! Its time!

It helps to know God, its better to know that God is right beside you, but more than all this…its the best thing to know that God lives inside you.

As a believer, how well do you know “YOU”? How well do you know what you have on your inside, how well do you know what your purpose and mission is all about? These are questions you need to ask yourself. And by the way, you dont have to be 3g befpre you start thinking this way. The earlier you start…the better for you…and the better for the world.

You have so much of untapped potential in us, alot of things that have been locked away generations and aeons past. It is time to break free and break forth. Take that which is on the inside and launch it forth. Its time to experience soteria.

Just like the motto of my ministry.

“Unleashing soteria!, Lambano Soteria!”

let us get the reason we are here on earth. Just because we have the grace to have other things to work with does not mean we should forget our priority! It is time to go back to the cross where it all started, its time to go back to God and go get your blueprint of life and purpose. Its time to take that bold step to get before the throne of grace and obtain the mercy to start again…better and stronger and much more powerful.

The time is Now! Not later, not tomorrow….the time is NOW!!!!!

Lambano!!!! Take it! Run with it! Race with it! Work with it! And show the world what the power of God is like.

Thats the dunamis of soteria. Its ours.

NB: For believers only.

Harkheindzel ministries.


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