Waiting upon the Lord

Sometimes patience involves you having to endure intimidation as the world flaunts vanity across your eyes….patience is staying rooted in Christ and not shaking for anything less.
The understanding of this will help you on the Long run. Dont be deceived with the things of the world…even though i understand that they may be so tempting sometimes…and thats just what they are…TEMPTATIONS….TRAPS….HITCHES….MISDIRECTION….

Have the understanding of this….if you wait upon the Lord and you stay through to Him. He will never let you down.

So while you are waiting, do not be idle even as you wait. The act of waiting upon the Lord doesnt mean you waiting across a chair on the streets with a pact of burgers on your laps munching away…

You wait upon the lord in patience and trust, endurance and perseverance, worship and adoration, consecration and purity…this is what waiting upon the Lord is really about. Being constatntly in spirit waiting and beholding the presence of the Lord.

You can also wait in service…tending to the things of the house of the Lord.

Closing with this, the beautiful thing about waiting is the joy of worthiness and the marvel when the results arrive, there and then you forget the pains of waiting and embrace the joy of the revelation and acceptance and results.

Your breakthrough is just a corner away….wait for it!

Harkheindzel ministries.


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