This is the Lord!

This post is a little funny to me because of the way it came,

this happened about two sundays ago when i went for a joint church service where all district pastors were present(for those who dont know….i am a pastor), at that time; there was a certain worship service going on that i went all monty and elevated spiritually. Talk about being lost in spirit. (well.. this is a good kind of being lost…lost in the presence of God). This is the kinda service you wished never ended. So there was a time i was speaking in tongues of worship and i could see God. So in all sense of humility and reverence, i pointed to Him and said…”God you are good…”(or something like that).

But something funny happened, the Holy spirit asked me…”kenny, who are you pointing at?” then i was like “God”. Just then he took me into the realm of infiniteness of God and i realised that God wasnt a person you can really point at. He is omnipresent and Alsupreme. That knowledge thrusted me higher into a greater dimension of worship and praise.

I just felt like sharing this experience with you. I hope and pray the Holy Spirit make you understand this fact of worship even more than He did to me.

Be blessed always.


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