Your relevance to this generation

Many are called, but few choose the call. -pst bimbo odukoya.

This is a very unique generation at this dispensation, where the Lord is set to do mighty things through His people. The devil also knows this and thats why he is so interested in destroying this generation with as many tools are at his disposal. So be warned!

There are many people who are choosing to follow the Lord on a daily basis though the number is little compared to those who are not. But the Lord isnt moved by dumbers, all He wants is a ready heart and people with faith as little children who will believe the Lord for whatever He says and not pass the message through the realm of science, logic, philosoply and the rest!

There is a great task ahead, but there is a greater reward for those who choose the call.
Choosing the calls means you decide to be responsible and answerable for people you are chosen to assist, free, impact and tutor or lead as the case may be.

There will be more coming on this.

Keep your fingers crossed.



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