Managing power

Greeting to everyone. If anyone has ever watched spider man, u will recall the quote “with great power comes great responsibilities”. This is true, but am not talking about web swinging and all those mutant jargons. Am talking of spiritual power. This post promises to be short but i wont compromise the value of the imfo i want to pass across. Every believer has a spiritual gift or the other for the benefit of the body of christ, but the way you use this goes a long way on how people see you.

These are the things i want you to understand when it comes to power or the usage of your gifts.

First, you were freely given! As long as its from God, you dont need an atonement or a ritual to get gifts. So it should be used and given freely as the spirit leads.

The graces upon us are not the same, this is a factor of our callings and functions and assignmennt, so there is no room for jealousy of envy. Anyone wih greater manifestation just means that they have more work to do, and they will also give account for work not done too.

Never try to use your gofts for personal glory, thats when pride begins to set in. Dont thing you are so special. Some get the idea that they are here to save the world and they have this power and unique gifts to do this…no!, we are here to show the glory of God.

Use your gifts with uttermost humility, remember, God resists the proud but gives more grace to the humble.

I promised that this post will be short! So am going to stop here for now.



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