fear not!

this is a word that comes alot of times in the bible, it is used so many times by the Lord and angels alike… but here is something i want you to understand and get. he who is always in constand and direct communication with God has no need to be afraid because he is always in constant communication with a greater source and a higher power.

This is what the Holy spirit told me thbis morning, and i just felt the need to share it with you today. i hope that it helps you in one way or the other.

The Lord is great and supreme, the devil has no power of his own, all power belongs to God and all authority has been given to Jesus! so no need to fear the devil and his cohorts. you are already on the winning side. we are the dominating ones, the emerging sons of God, heirs of salvation.

walk with no fears, stand tall in faith and courage. nothing shall harm you as long as you are with the Lord and you blisten to His voice at all times.

ponder on this today. shalom



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