Words from a depressed heart

Things arent as easy as i thought they would be
i know its never easy to work
but what i really wanted was this simple:
those i word for to appreciate my service
those i sacrifice my time for to show love
those i give myself to should reciprocate

sometimes i hit a dead end
and it seems like theres nothing else to do
i need to know that there is someone praying for me
it seems so bleak and hopeless
with all the powers i possess
things seem so lonely and alone

no one to really assist
no one to show a hand of support
no one to give me joy in service
its disheartening

oh Lord,
sometimes all i need is just to know that you are there
that you are always beside me
to show that you love me
to hold me so close to you

i want to feel you so close
feeling the warmth of your love
just to know that you are walking through this with me

i will have no problems as long as i know that you are always there for me
always there with me beside me

no one reciprocates my service
but i do my best for the people
i use my time
i sacrifice myself
my comfort

but how do they respond?
They are non challent
they dont show love
no support whatever

i need people that will help me
that will make me smile working
knowing that i have people always with me and for me
people of like minds…

The cry of a broken heart!

Finally, once you truely know that the Lord is with you, you will have inner peace even though you are in the midst of a storm.

For those passing through a time like this, say this prayer with me:

“Father, i know it is hard to see you, hard to feel you, even in the midst of storm and trials, but Lord….i yield myself to you truely. Please, help me to always see you in the time of my dire need. I Love you Lord. Help me to feel your Love more”. Amen


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