The supernatural era

Auguat is a special month in the year, and as special as it is, it marks the ushering of the supernatural reign of heaven on earth. Come at cccooucwsp, its time to behold the supernatural, its what i call the shekinic kabod of the fullness.

This is a time when the supernatural will be unleached, the supernatural people, the supernatural race, raw power with mighty signs(we seek not signs but signs are confirmation of the authority of Christ) where there will be liberation and the fulfillment of some scriptures.

The word of the Lord has come to us, and this is a time for us to enjoy harvest season and a season of fullness, replenishment, dominion and subdueing of kingdoms.

All those who have their hearts and spirit ready to recieve will get it, but the blind may lose out save they get and receive the insight of the word.

Behold the supernatural. Get ready for the miraculous move of the Lord.


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