Dare to be a step?!

The path to true leadership can be serious and sometimes difficult. It involves a great deal of sacrifice. A leader should be able to discomfort himself for the welfarism of the followers…

This post deals with leadership but not the way you may think. To some people, leadership is all about being the number one man, the man on top (or the woman as the case may be). But there is a Jesus kind of leadership that i would like to discuss, and its leadership by extreme service. The washing of the feet of the disciples was something some schools of thought will regard as demeaning. But what Jesus did was very exemplary and it is something that is worth emulation.

Dare to be a step? a process? A step in the ladder? With this, there is no selfish means of being at the top but getting as many people as possible empowered. This is where you allow lots of people step on you so that they can go higher….how many people can look past their self and focus on other people? Well, this is the true test of leadership.

Now the question is…can you? Or are you ready to live a sacrificing life of leadership where you consider the good of your people and leave yours to the Lord?




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