Move on, break forth!

This message may be deemed religious by some folks, it may be short but try to deduce the sense in the message. It will be straight to the point without beating about the bush or the use of literary delusions or manipulative techniques. The bible records that “and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. I love the bible so much in the sense that it uses shall more than any other auxilliary verb, this conotes proposition and not compulsion or mandate but a willed conditional premise.

There seems to be a wall infroms of believers with limits us from moving forward. I remember the day i was prophesying to a member and i said something i was inspired to say. What did i say? I said “wisdom = holyspirit + obedience”. When we have the holy spirit and we choose to follow him in obedience we automatically become wise in our actions because we become spirit led by listening and obeying the holy spirit.

At this time, we need to listen more to the holy spirit than what the world says. Everything before us is an illusion, we just all need to close our eyes not in fear, but with boldness and faith and forge on and run with raging faith and confidence just like the way david ran towards goliath…

The sole purpose of this post is to challenge us not to look at the challenges but to look at the word of God which is always showing us the way to go and the way to go about them. So there is no need to fear or to be afraid but we need to look into the word to find our boldness and confidence, then we will rise as lights of the world that we truely are…..

to be continued.



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