Bringing forth the miraculous

Miracles happen everyday, whether you know it or not, everyday a miracle happens in your life, only if you look close enough. But there are some miracles that are so exceptional and obvious. The thing about miracles is that anyone can perform them but there is a price to pay,

the first thing you need is to consistently live a holy life

the second is humility

another is total submission to the will of God

yet another is complete obedience and faith to the words of the Lord.

Move with people who work at this level, learn from them and it will rob off on you.

Take them one step at a time and watch the Lord do wonderful things through you.

And this is probably the most important of all. A true miracle worker never seeks after miracles but is driven by love, compassion and a burning fire to do the will of God in attending to the needs of the people and witnessing the word of the Lord to people.



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